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Interest Rates on Domestic Term Deposits % p.a (w.e.f. 30.10.2014) (% per annum)

  • Applicable for single deposit of Rs.1 lakh and above
  • For Deposit of above Rs 5 crore, acceptance of such deposits will be at the approval of the Treasury Branch


  1. For Special Domestic Term Deposit scheme for Senior Citizens, for deposits up to a 5 crore,additional rate of interest of  0.50% p.a  is payable for 15 days to 10 years over the card rate in respect of Short Term Deposit, Fixed Deposit, Reinvestment Plan Schemes. For Recurring Deposit, additional interest rate of 0.50% p.a is payable for the period of 6 months to 120 months (multiples of 3 months).
  2. The rates are applicable to IB Tax Saver schemes also. Minimum 5 years and Maximum 10 years for Individuals / HUF having PAN card can invest upto Rs.150000/- in a financial year. For the deposits of Senior  Citizens, under this scheme, additional rate of 0.50% p.a is payable for the respective maturity period.
  3. The rate of interest on domestic term deposit is also applicable to Capital Gains Scheme Type B (Term Deposits) 1988 Scheme.
  4. The above interest rates are applicable to NRE term deposits also, subject to compliance of all the extant exclusive/specific RBI Guidelines on NRE accounts relating to minimum/maximum term of deposits,category of customer etc.

The revised interest rates on domestic term deposits and additional interest rates offered to  senior citizens are applicable only to fresh deposits and on renewal of maturing deposits.

All other terms and conditions remain unchanged.

Foreclosure charges : Applicable for premature withdrawal of Term Deposits – opened or rolled over on or after 01.11.2014 .

Deposit Period run Deposits upto Rs.15 lakhs Deposits above Rs.15 lakhs
7 days to 14 days No interest will be paid on foreclosure of deposit No interest will be paid on foreclosure of deposit
15 days and above No penalty to be levied for pre closure of deposits i.e. eligible interest rate will be the applicable card rate for the actual period run prevailing on the date of deposit Eligible rate will be the applicable card rate for the actual period run prevailing on the date of deposit less 0.75% p.a as foreclosure charges
* Discretion to disallow foreclosure of large value Term Deposits opened on or after 01.11.2014 : Bank may at its discretion disallow withdrawal of large value Rupee Term Deposits of Rs.5.00 crore and above, before completion of the deposit period agreed upon at the time of placing the deposit.

Interest Rates on SB / NRO / NRE Accounts (Savings Bank Account, No Frill account, Non Resident Ordinary and Non Resident External Account)

NRE/ FCNR/ RFC (Term & SB) Deposits in various foreign currencies for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year terms
Deposit rates of above Rs 5 crore (Depostis of amount rs 5 crore and above)
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