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Call for your Enquiries Anytime, you can have following information about your account like

Bullet - 1 Balance Enquiry
Bullet - 2 Account Details
Bullet - 3 Issued Cheque Status Enquiry
Bullet - 4 Deposited Cheque status Enquiry
Bullet - 5 Change of TPIN
By calling Toll-free number
Anytime, Anywhere
Refer call-flow of INDphoneBANKing.

How to avail the service ?
• Pick a form available at our CBS branches.
• Fill and submit it at your respective Indian Bank Branch.
• You will receive your T-PIN with in seven working days.
• Acknowledge the T-PIN, as soon as we receive the acknowledgment your account will be activated within 48 hours.

What is T-PIN (Tele Banking PIN) ?
• T-PIN (Telebanking Personal Identification Number) is sent to you in a confidential envelope in a one time use secured PIN mailer.
• T-PIN is a four digit password which has to be produced every time INDphoneBanking is called.
• In case the PIN mailer is found open, damaged please contact respective Branch immediately.
• Once pin-mailers are received, we advise you to change PIN of your own choice. 

How do I use INDphoneBANKing (Call Flow) ?
• Call Toll-free INDPhoneBANKing number, 1800-425-3425 anytime.
• You will be greeted by IVR (Interactive Voice Response) :
“ Welcome to Indian Bank Tele Banking Services, Press * button to continue”
• “Please enter your 9-digit CIF or customer Identification number” will wait for 9 digits to be entered, if less digits are entered or incorrect number is entered it will say “Invalid CIF numbers”
• If data is entered correctly, respond to the request of Interactive Voice Response system
• The customer can enter the required numbers straightaway without waiting for completion of recorded information. (System will accept incorrect entry only twice, after that phone will get disconnected).

A word of Caution !!!
• You can enter incorrect data only twice after that phone will be disconnected.
• Avoid entering wrong T-PIN as it may cause delay and disruption of services.
• Don’t keep a written record of your password/PIN.

Customers are advised to maintain the secrecy of Password/PIN. Your acceptance of the service means the acceptance of terms and conditions of the services provided along with form.

Note :You can link all your account Held with us with one CIF or customer number the Internet/Phone/Mobile banking facilities will be Extended automatically to all your accounts.
Indian Bank is not liable for non-availability of services due to reasons beyond the controls of the bank
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